In-Person Conference

TOTs: Beyond the Basics FAQs


  2. The sessions at this event WILL NOT be recorded, the only way to attend is IN PERSON.
  3. CONNECTING WITH PARTICIPANTS AND SPEAKERS: There is a private, participants-only TOTs 2024 FB group for participants to join.
  4. Continuing Education Units/Credits: Information on CEUs is outlined on the CEUs page.
    It is the PARTICIPANT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE SESSIONS AND SUBMIT CEU Surveys by JULY 23, 2024 (30 days after the event).
  5. CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION: will be available to view and download through your learner profile once you have submitted your CEU Survey.
    1. Continuing Education Team will not be accepting ANY Conference Exit (CEU) Surveys after that date
    2. Certificates of Completion will no longer be available after that date

Additional Info

How do I attend the conference?

Attending Live In-Person Conference

  1. Register on the product page before the June 22, 2024 start date
  2. Join us in-person at the conference venue June 22-23, 2024

What is the cancellation policy?

Please view our full Event Cancellation Policy.

Is there a Group Rate?

  1. Yes! We have a Special 15% Discount Group Rate for groups of 5 participants or more
  2. Contact the Continuing Ed Team for more information

What are the tech requirements (computer, software, internet) for participants?

No tech requirements needed, as the conference is in-person.

What is the privacy policy for this conference?

TalkTools® in-person, virtual streaming and/or recorded lectures and any related course materials are copyrighted. TalkTools® also maintains publishing and distribution rights of said content. Materials in any course are only for the use of learners enrolled in this course, for purposes associated with this course, and may not be retained by the learners once the course had ended or expired. Unauthorized retention, duplication, publication, distribution, or modification of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited and is subject to the Copyright Laws of the United States.

Click through for more information on TalkTools Privacy Policy

Is my account (that I used to purchase my conference seat) the same as my Learner Portal Account?

Nope -- you'll have another account to access the conference handouts/feedback/CEU Survey!

Participants have TWO accounts:

  1. Account = the account you set up to PURCHASE a conference seat
  2. Learner Portal Account = the account you use to access the conference handouts/etc.
  • If you have NOT purchased any TalkTools courses previously, you will need to confirm your Conference Account -- follow the steps in this How-To Video - Accessing Your Conference Package to walk you through.
  • NOTE: Your Conference Account was set up using the email address entered on the product page when purchasing your seat. If you need to update your email address, please contact the TalkTools Team at:

Once you've purchased your seat, a SECOND account will be set up for you (or added to an existing account).

Are there quizzes associated with the sessions?

  1. The CEU Survey quiz is required to complete the conference and receive CEU credit.

Go to CEUs page for more info

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

  1. Check out our How To Videos page
  2. Go to CEUs page

Will I be able to ask the speaker questions?

  1. During the sessions there will be a Q&A time slot, the speaker will answer questions during this time
  2. You can also post your questions to the Conference Facebook Page and they will be answered after the conference.

Will presentation handouts be available for the sessions?

Any associated handouts or resource materials speakers have provided for their presentations will be on each of their Session Pages in the Learner Portal -- there is a section marked "Resources" at the bottom.

  1. Click on the pdf/handout icon(s) to open
  2. Download to your computer

NOTE: TALKTOOLS Continuing Ed Team will make every effort to obtain pdf handouts of the session presentation on or before the live session -- BUT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that all speakers will provide presentation handouts before or during the conference

Thanks! We will get your questions answered very shortly!
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