TalkTools® Rehabilitative Feeding & Speech Techniques for Teens & Adults™

0.6 ASHA CEUs • 0.6 AOTA CEUs


Course description

After many years of clinical research and development Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson has created a program using tactile interventions to improve the oral preparatory phase feeding skills and speech clarity for teens, young adults and the geriatric population. In this one day class participants will learn how to diagnose and treat muscle-based deficits for their clients with any of the following diagnoses: dysarthria, apraxia, post oral cancer surgery, voice disorders, post CVA, Parkinson’s disease as well as Down syndrome, TBI and Cerebral Palsy. The hands-on practicum will include innovative “therapy tools” that can be used by therapists, patients or caregivers to improve feeding skill including chewing of firmer textures, bolus formation and bolus positioning for transport. Muscle skills can improve at any age and this class will add both new and exciting activities to your therapy repertoire. Come, learn, have fun and enjoy the successes! Before and after videos will demonstrate the effectiveness of Oral Placement Therapy.


Learning Outcomes
  • Use non-food items to improve the sensory-motor skills needed to chew and swallow safely prior to introducing new food textures
  • Appropriately apply at least 5 new therapy techniques
  • Learn to use Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) techniques as a tactile cueing system inconjunction with traditional speech therapy to improve speech clarity
  • Describe how therapeutic straw drinking can be used with and without liquids to improve feeding safety and speech clarity

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