Superpowers of the Sensory System™


0.6 ASHA CEUs • 0.6 AOTA CEUs - click through for more info on our CEU Policy and Process
Instructor: Monica Purdy
Course Description

Speaking and eating are two of the most complex things we do on a daily basis. And they both involve many of the same systems, including the sensory system. When the sensory system is disordered, the impacts of speech and feeding can be significant.

We know about the 5 senses -- hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching. But we have 3 other senses that are incredibly important: proprioception, vestibular, and interoception. 

This course will take provide a systematic approach to identifying typical vs. atypical sensory processing across all 8 senses, applying the latest sensory integration methods and child-friendly, goal-centered activities to achieve self-regulation. Participants will be able to develop a self-regulation plan that can applied to the client's daily routines, including speech, feeding, sleep, play, and general interactions with their environment.

Resources include sensory integration activity lists, assessment checklist, and self-regulation program template.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to: 

  1. Describe the 8 senses
  2. Identify typical vs. atypical sensory processing
  3. Define sensory processing disorders
  4. Apply 5 activities to help clients with self-regulation
  5. Develop a sensory regulation plan.
Timed Agenda
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