TalkTools® Magenta Spoon™

SKU: 1925-6
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TalkTools® Magenta Spoon™
TalkTools® Magenta Spoon™
TalkTools® Magenta Spoon™
Smooth Magenta Spoon- Talktools
Textured Magenta Spoon-TalkTools
 Bumpy Magenta Spoon- Talktools
Magenta Spoon Set 6 pack (2 of each spoon)- Talktools
TalkTools® Magenta Spoon™

TalkTools® Magenta Spoon™

SKU: 1925-6
Regular price $9.99

Benefits of Product Family

  • Easier for users to get the food off the spoon with flatter design of the bowl
  • Handle allows for hand over hand assistance with feeding
  • Provides oral awareness during feeding
  • Encourages lip closure
  • Increases sensory awareness
  • Normalize acceptance of foods with a variety of textures
  • Great for home carryover
  • Increased oral-sensory stimulation to the lips and tongue

TalkTools® Magenta Spoon Features & Benefits

  • Shallow bowl of spoon allows for smaller bolus 
  • Easier to remove food from bowl than normal spoons
  • May help emerging upper lip mobility
  • For clients who might have increased responsiveness to sensory input

Additional Features for all Magenta Spoons

  • Large Size
  • 3 Variations (Smooth, Bumpy, Textured)
  • Now offering options upper and lower lip stimulation
  • New ergonomically designed handle (Comfort Grip Handle)
  • Shallow, narrow bowl
  • Great for children and adults requiring a smaller bolus size
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA compliant, Latex, Lead, BPA, and Phthalates free
  • Comes in a reusable storage bag container
  • Includes basic instructions
  • Now offered in complementary sets


  • Consult a licensed professional before using product for therapy and dietary programs.
  • Not recommended for someone with a bite reflex.