May The Force Be With You

May The Force Be With You


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Speaker: Tania Stegen-Hanson OTD, OTR/L, BCP, C/NDT, CEIM

Course Description
This webinar will equip participants with knowledge and treatment strategies based on the fact that early developmental feeding skills are most effective when the force of gravity interacts with the force generated from coordinated contraction of muscles in the ribcage, shoulder girdle and neck.  

Learning Outcomes
The participant will be able to:
  1. Describe the importance of chest and ribcage development
  2. Describe the effects of gravity on weak muscles
  3. Learn to use positioning and treatment strategies with gravity (gravity assisted) or against (gravity resisted) during the first year of development
Timed Agenda

10 minutes -- Overview of the musculoskeletal system
10 minutes -- Discussion on how breathing happens and its impact on feeding
15 minutes -- Postural development of the baby and foundational motor and postural milestones as the baby develops
10 minutes -- Positioning strategies to support baby's development
15 minutes  -- Other treatment strategies to keep in mind

Content Disclosure: This presentation will focus on treatment methods related to the use of TalkTools® resources. Other similar treatment approaches will receive limited or no coverage during this lecture.

(pending AOTA approval)

seeTalkTools ASHA CEU Policy and Process for more information)

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