OPT to Improve Speech Clarity & Feeding Skills

0.6 ASHA CEUs • 0.6 AOTA CEUs - click through for more info on our CEU Policy and Process


Course description

TalkTools' innovative tactile-sensory approach to speech therapy uses therapy tools to train muscle movements for improved feeding safety and speech clarity.
Learn how these highly motivating motor activities can be used to improve phonation, resonation, and speech clarity. Muscles of the abdomen, velum, jaw, lips, and tongue will be discussed within the parameters of movements necessary for speech production.
Developmentally appropriate motor movements for speech are therapeutically targeted using highly motivating techniques appropriate for children and adults. Each activity can be implemented easily within the school and/or home environment.


Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the need for dissociation and grading for feeding and speech 
  • Appropriately apply at least 5 new therapy techniques
  • Learn to use Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) techniques as a tactile cueing system in conjunction with traditional speech therapy techniques to improve speech clarity
  • Describe how therapeutic straw drinking can be used to improve speech clarity for /s/ and /z/

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